Munchkin Ice Baths


The heat these past few weeks…and perhaps even a few weeks before those, has been stifling, especially for the outdoor play at LPE. We have been doing our best to keep your munchkins cool, playing, and happy. Our water play has evolved into ice baths, ice burrito wraps (dipping a bed sheet into ice water and wrapping a kid like a burrito), ice water bucket challenges poured over their heads (their suggestion—something about raising money for ALS), slip-n-slide races with ice lemonade shots at the end of each run, popsicles, and baby pool apple juice slushy wrestling matches. (Please don’t worry. We paired them up not just by gross motor skills, but also by weight, and we did not allow them to place bets.) One day the Junior Pre-Schoolers were doing the egg drop with frozen eggs; the Weeblers were rapping Ice Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice—they took the mind-over-matter thing to heart and truly looked cooler after the rap; another day one of the pre-schooler’s older sister, who looked to be about 9 years old, drove their Mom’s truck to our parking lot. The whole class then proceeded to tarp the bed of the truck and fill it up with water and ice. That’s how they created a nice cold small pool to swim in. We have some little creative geniuses on our hands!

Milli has been working her ass off (can I say that in a daycare, preschool blog post?) to get another AC unit added to the Village. She was quite creative herself in getting someone scheduled considering every third house and business in Napa needed an AC unit installed or fixed this summer. Finally, Andre’s Air took her offer of promising to name her third child after Andre, and he is installing the AC unit today and tomorrow! No more ice baths for the kiddos!

Now that the buildings will be nice and cool, the temps will probably begin to drop, especially with Harvest starting and Autumn right around the corner. We do need to all take a moment of silence for the second batch of worms in LPE’s worm condo that bit the dust. Unfortunately, the heat was just too much for them, and they didn’t make it. Our plan is to wait until cooler weather gets its grip, and we’ll start the third batch. We will let you know when those worms wiggle in because they will need certain scraps of food from your wee one’s snacks and lunches in order to live and produce compost for our garden. I will gladly make a list for the next blog on what worms love to eat.

Until then, stay cool!