Differences in the Womb

It’s October, and I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound on Friday went well, and our baby boy looked healthy and good...until the 3D ultrasound imaging. That’s when we asked if we could trade him in for a Bulldog puppy. Luckily they switched back to the 2D imaging pics and we felt more comfortable keeping him. 

We keep trying to explain to our 2 year-old son that he has a baby brother on the way; that he’s growing in my belly; and that he needs to stop kicking my belly and practicing his wrestling moves on my belly. It’s not clicking yet. I get that he is only two years old, and granted, minus his Mama getting fatter, he really has no visible signs. It’s not like we’re going to the shelter and looking at different babies to choose which one we want to take home. And when he was with us at the fertility doctor’s office we pointed to the room where his siblings are stored as frozen embryos and we said to wave “bye bye” to them, which he did, but we know he doesn’t get it. Hell...half the time we don’t get it! I’m sure that when he visits the baby and I in the hospital it still isn’t going to click that the baby is going to be living with us. It won’t be until we come home from the hospital, we’ve all finished getting ready for bed and have clicked the lights off when he’ll realize that his life has changed and he’s a big brother. That might possibly be the time that he and Lincoln agree on something, and loudly state together, “Fuck!!” 

We noticed an obvious difference in how our second-born behaves in the womb and how our first-born behaved. Our oldest looked like we had given him cocaine whenever he was having an ultrasound. This baby, except for some shifting of limbs to increase his comfort, stays in the fetal position with his bodily expression screaming, “Don’t look at me!” It’s fascinating the difference in the two, even this early on. We look forward to seeing other differences and similarities in the future. For now, we’ll give our firstborn full attention for his remaining time as an only child. 😁