Childcare Expansion

Sawyer's daycare is trying to expand, and in order to do that they need to get a Use Permit approved. We, the parents, have been asked to write letters to the city planning commission letting them know how imperative it is that our child is attending a "safe, high-quality, and loving child care setting," and why they should approve the daycare's request to expand.  We have also been told that they'd love us even more if we could attend the city planning commission meeting to show support. The meeting is tomorrow night, and I hope to attend. I'm going to hold up this picture of our son and say, "Would you want this child running amuck in your neighborhood provoking your children to join his gang of mischief-causing Wobblers? No!! You'd rather have him and the other Wobblers contained  in the excellent neighborhood childcare setting that would like approval of a Use Permit in order to expand. Their expansion will help get more ruffian Wobblers off our neighborhood streets and into the contained  Wobbler ranks. Give 'em the Use Permit!"


Of course, what I won't mention is how the expansion would allow all of the Wobblers to stay together in the same class, instead of being split up. 😉 Another thing I would like to find out in this meeting is who we have to bribe in order to get a permit so we can add onto our house sometime in the next decade. Kids need their own bathroom! Especially when they start to hit puberty.