My Woebegone Entry


My equanimity is waning.

We lost another good person last week.  I fear that only the good people in the world are dying, and every time another dies, the good within that person is sucked from the earth, and delivered elsewhere. I can’t say for sure it’s delivered to another place whose inhabitants deserve it, or if it’s held aside by some higher being to dispense when seen fit back to us to use wisely and live peacefully.

I don’t have all the answers, and neither do you. I’m just sharing a fear I have.

Those filled with hate and greed imprecate against the good, loving people. I worry our love is a lit candle slowly being snuffed out by the xenophobes. Though they are not our nemeses, our fight has been long, and for some fucking reason, it seems the evil fuckers aren’t dying. They seem to be thriving as of late. Their massive hate and greed sludge is oozing from their orifices and squelching the love that remains.

Maybe I’m just tired, and so this dysphoria is weighing on me.

Perhaps the good lost by those who die does not leave, but is absorbed by Gaia herself to enable the win in her favor, and therefore in our favor as well, for we are encased in her shell.

I only hope our son will witness this uplifting triumph and feel peace.