I'm suffering from toddlethargy. If you're a childless wordsmith, you will admonish this word. That's fine. If you are a wordsmith with children, you will commend me for it describes perfectly what it feels like to be a parent to a toddler. You might even be a bit envious that I created this word from pure exhaustion before you did. No worries. I will share it with you and all the other parents in the world. Let us share our suffering of toddlethargy together. Perhaps in song form? Nah...we'll leave that up to Disney. 

I've been so tired from work life and being a mother of a 2 year old that I haven't even been able to pull enough words from my ass to string together sentences that will express a thought and perhaps even become a blog. Until this blog post. Today I mustered enough energy to write about why I've been...well...unable to write. Just forgive me for any redundancy. If there's anything you do as a parent to a young child, it's that you're often repeating yourself...repeatedly. 

My day job has me up early, often before 5:30AM, and once work is over, MAYBE a quick trail run, a walk for our dog, the grocery store, and then I pick our son up from daycare. We get home, I make dinner, we all eat, a family walk, a bit of playtime, reading, bath some nights, and then bed. 


It's a bit frustrating, yet I love my time with our son so much that I'm truthfully only fretting a little bit. Besides, when you have toddlethargy, what little energy you have left goes into brushing your teeth, know, the personal hygiene stuff so you can venture out into the world tomorrow somewhat feeling normal with a large-ass cup of coffee in one hand, and your other hand holding your child's. 

So please forgive absences when they occur. Family and sleep are important, and I promise that when the words start flowing, I'll start typing.  

He doesn't stop moving! And I love it. :)

He doesn't stop moving! And I love it. :)