Bedtime Conversations

As a married couple, bedtime conversations aren't the most exciting...What time will you be home from work tomorrow? How was your day? Any chance we can afford to quit both of our jobs and sleep in tomorrow? 

Now, as parents, I don't know if our bedtime conversations are much more exiting. For example, tonight's conversation: 

Dana: I have my wax tomorrow, so I need you to pick Sawyer up from daycare.  

Me: Well I have a client from 3-4PM, and another client from 5-6PM, so I can pick him up between those clients and you can meet me at the gym to pick him up before I start the 5PM client.  

Dana: Oh honey!  

Me: What? What time is your wax? 

Dana: 5:30PM. 

Me: Well, can't you take him with you to your wax?  

Dana: No. He doesn't exactly sit still these days.  

Me: It'll be fine. Just play airplane with him while you're getting your wax.  

Dana: No.  


I thought my idea was brilliant, but she wasn't too thrilled. I don't understand why though. She's in the same position for her wax that you are when you play airplane with him.