Dearest Bagel...

Dear Ex-NVCRC Bagels,


I miss you, and crave your carbohydrate-filled squeeze on my love-handles. It has been a few months since you and I have spoken. It is my understanding that you had no choice in your banishment from the NVCRC shops. Apparently, your maker, had fallen to the wayside in the world of acceptable bagels. I know you want to still be with us, and I with you, but for now, until we are able to locate another new and local bagel maker, you are temporarily replaced by itsy-bity English muffins. They are tasty in their own right, but definitely not you. We just miss the cream cheese falling out of your sides as we take a bite…or your diverse seasoning sprinkles left behind in our wake, revealing our whereabouts. English muffins are just…well…English. They are Brexit muffins. There. I said it.

Until we meet again over NVCRC coffee (or tea) in one of the coffee shops, I wish you the best of luck. Perhaps you can refer a local baker to us so we can be reunited? Perhaps that baker also makes Bialys?--Your cousin bagel without the hole? We would love to serve you again!!


The Stomach of an NVCRC Patron