Cheers to New Beginnings!

We, the Napa Valley Roasting Co., have started this blog in order to connect with you, and to offer you a bit of stories and info from us now and then. Just like you, we are members of this community. Each of us are striving to reach milestones, and the journeys and accomplishments are often communicated with a friend, or a loved one, over a nice, fresh cup of coffee (or a cold beer at the end of the day in the local bar). 2017 is bringing some pretty significant changes for us!

So…(drum roll please)…first bit of important info! We are under new ownership! Timeline: Leon Sange & Denise Toohey co-founded Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Co. in November 1985; Nancy and Brouck Haynes bought out Denise in December 2004; and, Charlie & Ben Sange, the sons of Leon Sange, bought out the Haynes  in December 2016. Did you catch all of that? I hope so! You can explain it to me later. Doug Dunlap is also back in the flesh folks! He is the glue that keeps the espresso machines in both locations going.

We have launched a new website after consuming loads of our own brew in order to accomplish this task. With that new website comes an online store to purchase beans, this blog to keep you updated and hopefully entertained, a presence on a few social media sites (we have hired an 11 year-old for this task that we pay with bags of decaf beans), and a promise that, as we’ve been doing since 1985, we’re here to help you stay happy and caffeinated while you work, walk, wake up, hang out, drive down the road, etc. Join our mailing list, bookmark our sites, and stay tuned for info, stores, blurbs, pics, and videos!

Just a few FYIs:

  • If we make any mistakes, Charlie did it. He lives in SoCal, so he’s the one to take the fall for EVERYTHING.

  • Not only do we serve you coffee, tea, water, donuts, bagels, etc., we also donate to causes we feel are important. Our newest project is TheWalk2EndAlz Roast. A medium-bodied Columbian coffee with rich flavors and mildly acidic characteristics combined with the dark and sweet Italian espresso roast. This coffee offers you an unforgettable milk chocolate and nutty brew. We send a portion of the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association. Those funds are used to provide the financial support that is needed in order to expand and enrich the LOCAL services in Napa County by increasing public awareness, research towards treatment, prevention, and ultimately, a cure. If you would like to help, BUY THE COFFEE! Or you can form a team, raise money, and walk in the Napa Valley Walk to End Alzheimer’s. We strongly recommend drinking our coffee while walking to end Alzheimer’s disease. Please check out the link: It would be an unforgettable experience, and just think of how happy your body and spirit would be with that many steps and camaraderie!

Please excuse the crinkled bag. Our 1 year-old decided to play with it when my back was turned for 22 seconds.

Please excuse the crinkled bag. Our 1 year-old decided to play with it when my back was turned for 22 seconds.

  • Want to bring your best furry friend with you to enjoy some coffee? Of course you do! We offer water bowls outside each of our stores, and even though we only have outdoor seating available at our Saint Helena location, there are plenty of meditative locations to hang at close to our Napa location after you make your purchase. Our locations:

    • Saint Helena: 1400 Oak Ave., directly across from Adams Street Shipping ( Stop in for a coffee after shipping your packages as a reward for accomplishing a task!

    • Napa: 948 Main St., caddy-corner to ★bucks (we were there first, and we don’t think you need their website. ☺) 


Come visit, drink our coffee and tea drinks, and hang out!



P.S. Please note that all blurbs, blog posts, etc., are to be read lightly, knowing that often we’re just trying to help you get a few more laughs in for the day. If we have offended you at all, we apologize in advance, and keep in mind that it was all Charlie’s fault.