The Kickstarter campaign for Lincoln's first children's book, I, Lincoln, Did Not Ask For This, has 40 days to go! So far we are at $2,340, with our goal being $7,000. One of our friends was having difficulty donating on the website, so I offered to have Dana go through the link to see what the steps were. (I am unable to go through the link because apparently I am not allowed to donate to my own project. I am okay with this.) I told Dana she was going to donate $10.

Me: "Go get your credit card Honey."

Dana: "What? I'm not donating $10."

Me: "I can't believe you're not going to donate $10 to your own wife's fundraiser."

Dana: "If we're $10 away from getting $7000, then I'll donate."





Illustration by Annie Ruygt

Illustration by Annie Ruygt