The Kickstarter campaign for my first children’s book, I, Lincoln, Did Not Ask For This, was launched today! I am ecstatic that we already have pledges, and I hope the news will continue to travel and bring in more support. Please check out the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2101792383/i-lincoln-did-not-ask-for-this 

While driving up and down the valley these past couple of weeks, I’ve been listening to the audio book, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, by Anne Patchett. A friend loaned it to me, and I am very grateful for this loan! So grateful, I’ll be purchasing the book to re-read whenever I need her insightful guidance into personal essays, memoir writing, and just life. I feel so much like she is talking directly to me, which is definitely key for writing personal essays. While listening to her read, the congestion, lack of turn signals, and tourists disappears. We are sitting in a pub, enjoying our drinks, and I’m sponging every word she shares with me until we pause to order another round before the words continue flowing...damn, another red light.

My connection with Anne is one-sided, for we've never met. It’s just all in my head and heart, both necessary organs to live fully. When the Kickstarter campaign was launched this afternoon, I first sent the link to my wife, and then to Andrea Ruygt (http://www.annieruygtillustration.com/blog/), the kick-ass Illustrator of the book. Shortly thereafter, as all life-changing announcements seem to go, I posted the link to Facebook (@ILincolnBooks). I really wanted to send the link directly to Anne via text, but then reminded myself that I do not have her cell because we do not actually know each other. (Hopefully this is not a foretelling of my mental well-being.) Again, a one-sided relationship. Until that changes, I will keep my fingers crossed that MAYBE she and Karen Hayes will sell I, Lincoln, Did Not Ask For This in their bookstore, Parnassus Books (http://www.parnassusbooks.net).



I realized this morning that in order to pitch the sale of I, Lincoln, Did Not Ask For This to Anne & Karen at Parnassus Books, I should actually research their bookstore. My love for Anne’s books will get my foot in the door to shop, but definitely not promise to get our book on her shelves to sell. Serendipity took the moment I clicked on the link to their bookshop website. THEY HAVE DOGS THAT WORK IN THEIR STORE AND SNUGGLE WITH YOU WHILE YOU SHOP!!! They also have a blog, and some of those posts are about the dogs! Brilliant. I immediately read the post, “Let Us Tell You ‘bout Our Friend Leonard” (https://parnassusmusing.net/2017/07/26/our-friend-leonard/). LOVED IT. If Leonard didn’t have a home and a job in Nashville, Lincoln and Sawyer would have a new brother. I now must pitch our book in-person in order to meet all of the dogs, especially Leonard! In fact, Lincoln might want to personally pitch his book to the dogs of Parnassus Bookstore! We should schedule a FaceTime meeting.  

Illustration by Annie Ruygt

Illustration by Annie Ruygt

Hopefully I'll be purchasing plane tickets to Nashville, TN in 2018 to read Lincoln's book at Parnassus Bookstore. Keep your fingers crossed! Actually, mine are crossed constantly, so you should keep yours uncrossed In order to help me accomplish other tasks that require the use of hands.

Yep. I just recruited you.