The dryer is my new drawer

Life with two kids. Oh…so many things…so little time.

We have a load of clothes that have been in the dryer since last Thursday night. I refuse to go out with the laundry basket and get the whole load. (Our washer and dryer are in the garage. Just a clue as to how small our house is.) Each night I go out and grab what we need only for the next day, leaving the remaining clothes behind. My goal is to not have to fold that pile of clothes and just go straight into wearing it as needed. We don’t have tons of clothes (especially underwear), so I’m thinking I might accomplish this goal.

My next goal is to get our oldest to sleep all night in his own bed. Wait…I don’t see us achieving that goal too soon in the near future.

I should pick an easier goal…

My new goal is to see if our youngest likes sorbet as much as his brother, and doesn’t require a bath after eating it. Now that’s a goal that we’ll enjoy going for.

It’s the little wins that keep us sane.