Please forgive the lack of blog posts from me. This whole… Getting pregnant… Giving birth… Caring for a little one and a toddler these past few months… Well, my creative drive just was, and continues to be, nonexistent. I’d like to blame the hormone roller coaster, but I honestly think my creativity went into hibernation because my body needed to focus purely on me and my family.  

I am beginning to get small bursts of ideas that I think I should write a blog on, but those bursts are simply just bursts. Perhaps I can equate them to a male tween’s first ejaculation. I think. I honestly don’t know, nor do I want to know. They are simply fleeting, and by the time I grab a pen and paper...they’re just gone.

Another wonderful gift with pregnancy and childbirth is the inability to TALK. I can barely focus long enough to hold a conversation with somebody. It’s quite sad actually. I know it’s just my brain still in pregnancy mode. Except for surviving daily and making sure I leave every location with an infant in my arms, I am apparently not supposed to heed anything else. 

I am actually ok with this. I know things will come back in due time. I don’t feel guilty, nor sad, and I have never been one to suffer FOMO. I don’t care that I am missing out on events because I truly just want to either be home, or running on a trail.

So this is just simply a short explanation, not even an apology. I guess I shouldn’t be asking you to forgive me then. Which means you should scratch out the first sentence in this post.

Until my creativity returns...