From the Desk of the Wobblers...

The Wobblers are at it again folks! They had a request for the Director of the Daycare, so they decided to make their request known via letter...

From the Desk of…

                            The Wobblers                                                              

                                                                         (The Littlest Hoodlums)


August 9, 2017

Dear Kerry,

First and foremost, it is with great pleasure that we would like to thank you for bringing us together. Your daycare has been the starting point for the “LPE Moms” text chain that has brought many “dings” into our lives, along with Wobbler gatherings, rants, laughs, and memories. We have become such a tight group that we have decided to make a request (and yes, we know that this is not our first one). We would like to request that our recently named Toddlers remain blessed with the name Wobblers. We would like our Wobblers to remain as Wobblers preferably until the age of 18 years, however we know you only have control over this until they leave LPE.

We understand that you will need to have another name for the new group that was suppose to be called the Wobblers, and we would love to throw out some ideas. We have included potential group names below. These are offered to you free of charge. 😜

Please let us know your thoughts in-person or via Brightwheel. Thank you again for keeping our kids happy and safe!!!


The Wobblers' Mothers


Woah-Woahs           Wibblers                Pre-T or NQTs (Not Quite Toddlers)

Drunken Sailors       Ramblers              Teeters or Totters


Here is the Director's Response... 

Dear Toddlers,
I have read your request to remain the “Wobblers”.
Who is the leader of this “Wobbler Group”?
It could be Teagan because she is always greeting me with a smile and a wave
hoping to get something. ….
It could be Sawyer who is always ready for a fast escape and can help show them the
way out…..
It could be Henry who seems to always want a “Taco” and maybe will bribe me with
It could be Jax who seems to always chase me down with a push toy…..
It could be Emmy with all her sly dance moves and shimmy on into my office….
It could be Gracie who is the Momma Bear of the group….
It could be Emma who is the musician will organize a march right out of the
classroom with her drumming skills…..
It could be Seb who is now a “Big Kid” who will lead the way for a name change later
It could be Dakota who seems to be taking the Lawyer route in life and making sure
that I am doing my job by watching my every move in the classroom…….
It could be Elizabeth who is quiet one and can organize a surprise attack on the
It could Colm who is bribing me with snuggles while I read my favorite book to
Although you are Toddlers, I think we can meet you half way to your demand. I will
have you named as the Toddlers but always refer this class as the Honorary
Wobbler Class. I in exchange will make sure that their entire career here at LPE will
call them the Wobblers. I am not sure how they might feel being referred to as
“Wobblers” when they are really Preschoolers/Jr. Kindergarteners. I might have
mass mutiny and demand another name change but for now I will refer to you as

Ms. Kerry
(One of my favorite books to read to the kids is Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type by
Doreen Cronin. I instantly thought of this book when I read the letter).


We absolutely loved the Director's response. Her individual notes regarding each Wobbler was a testament to how much she cares for each of our kids. And we get to keep the Wobbler title for our littlest hoodlums!! This just goes to show that clear communication, topped with a bit of humor and a bunch of cute Wobblers, is how life in general should be tackled. Now...if only the idiots in the White House could learn from our Wobblers...