Shameful Voter's Remorse--Does It Exist?


I was, and still am, astonished at the number of individuals I personally know who voted for Trump (who will forever in my blog be referred to as Fucknut). Prior to the election, I would ask, "How and why would you vote for a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, greedy person? Do you support those beliefs?" The responses I got was, "He's not racist;" or "He's not homophobic;" and "You won't lose your rights." I was personally offended and scared.  

Now I might not have lost my American rights yet because I'm white, but others have, and even more people have lost their lives all because you voted to put the hateful Fucknut and his goons into the White House. So, I now ask, do you have voter's remorse? Do you still support Fucknut as the leader of the UNITED States of America? Do you like being associated with Fucknut as a racist, mysogynistic, homophobic and greedy individual? Were you this hateful of diversity and women before he became the President and you feel it's okay to continue to publicly announce it and show your hate just because he condones it? Or do you perhaps have the inner strength and love to admit your shame for voting for Fucknut and being blinded by your own greed and hate?


Are you scared yet? I sure as hell am.