'Push' Gift

In March we swung by to visit our friends. They had just given birth to their first child, an adorable baby boy, a month earlier. When we pulled up into their driveway we noticed an additional Tesla, which is a car Dana has her eye on when her current lease is up. (I keep saying "no" to that dream because of how fast she drives.) After our hugs, hellos, and coos over the baby, and them commenting on how much Sawyer had grown since they last saw him, we asked why the second Tesla.

Dana: How come you have a second Tesla? Is that a rental?  

Friend: That's my wife's 'push' gift. 

Dana and I: WOW!!!  

Dana looking at me: How come I didn't get a Tesla as a 'push' gift?  

Me: Because you didn't 'push.' You had a c-section.  

(I got punched in the arm by my wife for that one.)